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The setting of the installation was the 300 square meter and 12 meter high stage room of the Theater Schauspiel Nord in Stuttgart. The 32 polystyrene panels (50x100cm) were attached to the wall with the help of a lifting ramp. Two video beamers exactly illuminated the shape of the triagle with color or video images. With the help of a software the projection was adapted to the music in real time.

Live visuals and mapping on 29 round styofoam plates. The smallest had a 10cm diameter, the biggest 2m.

Live Visuals & Projectionmapping

Generate Festival, Tübingen 11.11.17
Schauspiel Nord Stuttgart 01.10.2016
Psych-in-Bloom Festival, Esslingen, Okt 2017 „Geknatter“ (Leipzig) 2016