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Privacy. Feel-good chairs that are transformed by floor lamps into islands of coziness. Until the power grid starts to waver. Niklas Zidarov questions the alleged naturalness of our power supply with his light-sound installation „Backout-Area“.

The interactive version of the installation is divided into 2 sections. The visitor is in a dark room. If he sits down on one of the armchairs standing around, the corresponding lamp fades until he leaves it again. Only when all 6 armchairs are occupied and all lamps are on will the incessant process be set in motion. They slowly start to flicker and from now on they transform into a chaos of light and sound.

6-kanal surround Sound-lichtinstallation / interaktive 6-kanal surround Sound-lichtinstallation, 6-9 Minuten

Kulturnacht Tübingen, Shedhalle, 12.05.2018
Stürmt die Burg, Kultursommer, Ulm 2022