Niklas Zidarov (* 1979, Koblenz) trained as a media designer at Lazi Akademie Esslingen. He then studied at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg in the camera department, in which he graduated in 2013. Now Niklas lives in Stuttgart and works as a freelance cameraman realizing image, advertising and documentary movies (, as well as a video artist and VJ.

One main focus of his work is nature. For example, he led the camera for the nature short-documentary "Korana" about the cycle of water (, worked on projects for the Ministry of Environment Baden-Württemberg, and for TURAS, an EU-funded project for sustainable urban planning. For his video installation „Mein Verstand steht still“ he traveled by bike and tent through the lonely landscapes of Iceland, "Prisma" he realized on beaches of Sri Lanka. In order to produce the footage for his live visuals, he photographed and animated plants or parts of plants transforms them with stop motion into videos.

"Korana" won several awards across Europe for it's camerawork. The video installations of Niklas Zidarov were shown among others in the Schauspiel Nord (Stuttgart), the Kulturdachgarten Klunkerkranich (Berlin) and the Natufilmfestival "NaturVision" (Ludwigsburg).