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360 ┬░, untouched nature - no signs and disturbances of human beings, whereever I look. Nowadays we rarely encountered this kind of situation. No swooshing truck, no street winding up the hill, no noisy group of tourists, no power pole on the horizon. An observer who is lost by peering into the distance - or though interfering?

"Mein Verstand steht still" is an interactive videoinstallation. The spectator is in the middle thed untouched landscape of Iceland. By moving in front of the screen he triggers disrupting images as well as sounds and becomes the disturbing factor in his environment.

Interactive Videoinstallation
2017 | 17 Min.

2018 Schauspiel Nord Stuttgart
2018 Klunkerkranich Berlin
2018 Off the Radar Festival Bordesholm/Hamburg
2018 NaturVision